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The Registration fee is as follows:

  • For Senior Scientists/Delegates (age 65 years or above) the organizing committee offers 50% concessions in the Registration fees.
  • The Registration Fee (paid on or before 15th November, 2016) covers participation in the 104th ISC, the congress kit, one set of food coupons valid from 3rd january morning to 7th january night and modest accommodation for delegates on shared basis.
  • For accompanying person(s), the charges will be 1200/- per head (age 12 years or above). They will not be entitled with the Congress kit. Accompanying persons of Sectional Presidents/Records/Invited Speakers have to register for the congress.
  • Students applying for registration should invariably enclose a certificate about their bonafide studentship from the competent authority of the College/University.
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High performance web user interfaces

May 18, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM / Stage 10 | Cassiopeia
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indians still struggling in lines with cash transactions

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dzpay is patented digital payments platform, Innovated Exclusively for EduTech right from Andhra Pradesh.. To serve 14+ crore higher education students within 750+ universities of mother nation Bharath.

dzpay empowers universities with Double Entry, 360 Degree Reconciliation, Payment Digestion Ability, Real-Time Financial Key Performance Indicators, Header & Instrument wise ledgers, Complete Transparency, Fraud Control, 100% digital payments, Complete alignment with National Digital Payments Mission.

dzpay benefits students with saving more than 5 productive working days in each academic year, Life-time Record & Tracking, Comfort & Convenience, Payment Digestion Notifications, Evidential payment system accepting all mode of digital payments. All these benefits with the (net banking) challan cost of 18 rupees 20% lesser than the standard bank challan cost which doesn't give any above benifits.



India is a developingped country.


of any size, any hierarchy, any workflow, any location PAN India... even with ZERO% automation can Define, Accept, Manage and Track their digital payments [DZPAY] in real-time.


are empowered with speciality payment acceptance networks such as Education sector, where otherwise [DZPAY] possibility of digital payments are slim.


will realize its full financial potential takes good care of all of its people as organized and unorganized sectors accepting digital payments for the goods or services that they offer.

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